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David came from a family of actors. His mom, Joan Ankrum (stage name Joan Wheeler), was a Warner Brothers contract player in the 1930's who did several films. His father was Morris Ankrum, a character actor
who appeared in many diverse roles in a variety of movies such as "Invaders From Mars", "Red Planet Mars" and "Kronos" just to name a few. With acting running through his veins and a bit of destiny, David became
part of one of film's biggest Sci-Fi franchises and his character, Red 2 (Wedge Antilles), a critical player in the grandest shootout in film history!

David was cast for the voice-over role of Wedge by Fred Roos to dub the voice of Scottish actor, Denis Lawson, who played the part of Wedge in the movie. At the time, no one knew if Star Wars would be a box office hit or a miss. But as we all know, the rest was history.

David has had a diverse career in show business, from acting in film, TV and commercials to voice overs, to writing tv sit-coms. For the past ten years, David's been a Hollywood Talent Agent with his own bi-coastal agency. He's not sure if he'll go back into acting full time because he enjoys his current line of work. But he says he's open to the possibility of getting in front of the camera... or microphone from time to time. David loves hearing from Star Wars fans and continues to celebrate his part in one of the greatest films ever made.



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